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When you’re looking for digital marketing strategies, there are many to consider—and they are always changing. That being said, in order to beat out the competition, you should understand the latest tactics and strategies to be successful at growing your presence on the internet. But with so many factors that go into digital marketing, it all can be very confusing. One important aspect we will be discussing today involves website design. We’ll talk about new trends in website design and what that means for your digital marketing efforts.

Creative, More Fluid Design

Successful websites used to be focused on straight lines and less creative elements. But today, people tend to gravitate more towards more fluid and organic elements od design. Rather than elements resembling circles, rectangles, or other normal shapes, people are drawn more towards organic shapes that are similar to ponds, lakes, torn pieces of paper, etc. These make websites more approachable given their resemblance to nature.

Retro Design Elements

Records aren’t the only thing making a comeback—so are retro designs. As designers are moving away from flat design, old, nostalgic elements are making their way back into society. Bright colors and imagery are grabbing peoples’ attention like never before, which takes us back to the 1970s and 80s. And while old colors and design elements are making a comeback, so too is other content. From the words on the page to the typography used, retro elements are being displayed on websites all over the world.

Digital Illustrations

As we discussed that people are paying closer attention to creative elements, that includes digital illustrations. This is very popular with website design today given the unique qualities that these provide. Relevant, creative illustrations can make companies stand out from the crowd, bringing in new customers that gravitate towards these designs. And given the versatility that these illustrations provide, designers can create just about anything for any page. Hand-drawn and three-dimensional illustrious are some of the more popular forms to keep your eye on.

Video Headers

With the expansion of video throughout websites everywhere, video headers are becoming a huge website trend. These videos are displayed on the homepage of a website and display a professional video relevant to the business. Not only do these videos help to gain the attention of people everywhere, but these videos also provide an avenue for designers to get a message across quickly.

While creating a trendy website is key for your business, it’s best to also implement SEO and PPC strategies. If you’re looking for comprehensive solutions for your digital marketing efforts, then contact Clicked Solutions today! From unique, effective website design to search engine marketing solutions that gain you visibility on the web, Clicked Solutions is here for your specific needs.

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