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For over a decade we have worked with many types of businesses in Houston, TX and across the country from California to New York. We started off by optimizing and running paid search campaigns for lawyers.

As we expanded, we started optimizing accountants, consultants, warehouses, doctors, oil & gas, Ecommerce, pressure washers and so many more.

Our professional experience and satisfied client base demonstrates that we have the ability to generate revenue via search for any business. You are welcome to give us a call and request a free site audit to get the answers you are looking for. Stop wasting your time with SEO companies that offer one-size-fits-all packages, long-term contracts, and high-pressure sales tactics. We promise to never use ‘sales-pitchy’ antics or try to twist you into a marketing package. We will tailor your campaign to match your needs and growth potential.

SEO Experts in Houston

SEO services can be broken into two basic categories: on-page and off-page. Below are some of the strategies we employ to get you in front of potential customers.

Intelligent On-Page Optimization

The foundation of any SEO campaign is your website. Website quality is becoming more important as Google trends towards authoritative content, speed, usability and mobile-friendly websites. Links still matter, but not as much as they did in 2011. You need a team that understands how Google’s algorithm continues to change, why they make these changes, and how that affects an SEO campaign.

  • Keyword research
  • Competitive research and analysis
  • Technical site audit: site speed, HTML, metas, user experience
  • Content: create value and target keywords
  • Internal link building
  • Blog development
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Conversion improvement

Monthly Off-Page SEO Services

In order to see lasting page-rank improvements, an experienced and successful SEO company will focus on quality over quantity when creating and obtaining links, citations, and mentions for an SEO campaign. Only those SEO’s stuck in 1999 will guarantee X amount of links month after month. Rest assured we will stay away from black hat practices and ensure every strategy is ethically created and organically obtained.

  • Link building: quality, authoritative sources
  • Citations: local search optimization
  • Continual website audits: speed, metas, visibility, and more.
  • Guest posting, press releases and outreach
  • Content marketing: organic link building
  • Industry mentions and engagement
  • Competitive link building
  • Competitive content analysis
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Safe, Proven SEO Strategies

The algorithms that drive search engines reward some SEO practices and penalize others. While utilizing “black hat” techniques like content automation and link farms may be tempting, the results are short-lived and often result in rank penalties that are difficult to reverse. In nearly 15 years, we have never had a client penalized due to low-quality tactics. You can expect the same from our SEO experts.

Safe, Proven SEO Strategies

You should be able to hold your SEO expert accountable. Expect emails and telephone calls. Over the years we have found that customers who collaborate are the most successful and achieve the fastest results. From content development to industry research, we will collaborate with you on all fronts to make sure your campaign exceeds your expectations.

Safe, Proven SEO Strategies

Our reports detail rankings, traffic, conversion data, landing page metrics and more. We can send you monthly, weekly or annual reports helping you realize your return on investment. We will also customize these reports so that they contain the information you expect.

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Getting Your SEO Started

Build a Custom Campaign

Every campaign budget is based on competition strength, content development, link building, and business goals. Our ultimate goal is to provide a budget that allows you to aggressively pursue search authority as quickly and effectively as possible. We never set keyword limits or offer a fixed amount of links to build each month. We promise to never be cookie-cutter. Your business deserves better.

Laying the Foundation

The first 30-90 days is where we lay the foundation for more advanced strategies. From content optimization to site audits, our SEO specialists make sure your website is exactly what Google loves to crawl. We also review all of your business listings (Google Business, Yahoo, Bing) and review all of your major citations ensuring there are no duplicates and that they are thorough and optimized.

Monthly Optimization

We work with a purpose. Our goal is to continually review your rankings and analytics looking for efficient ways to help you gain ground and increase your distance ahead of your competitors. Whether we find new competitive link building opportunities, new content ideas, or industry citations, our team regularly modifies your SEO campaign strategies to accommodate your search marketing needs. Our ultimate goal is to generate revenue for your business, and we help quantify these results with our in-depth reporting on conversions, analytics and industry-specific metrics in order to realize your ROI on your SEO campaign.

Frequently asked questions

What is a site audit?

We use tools that allow us to check on the health of your website. These tools look for warnings, errors, load times, duplicate content, meta tag health, site health, keyword density, back link status, and more. We use tools from Moz, SEMrush, Raven Tools, Ahrefs, and more. We also regularly visually inspect your website, making sure that everything is optimized for long-term gains.

What is content marketing?

Valuable and helpful content helps create authority between you and Google. It also presents opportunities for other website owners, bloggers and reporters to easily find your content and link back to you. We call these organic links. The best type of link you can ask for is an earned link.

Content should provide answers to the questions potential customers ask most. Not only does this make you stand out from the competition, it drives higher rankings and helps a website gain more visibility because it has more information that customers are searching for.

What is a citation?

A citation is any website where your name, address, phone number, and website are listed. Sometimes called NAP (name, address, phone number) in the industry, citations help businesses rank on Google maps organically and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. We have worked in many industries and have found that industry-specific resources, associations and directories are an integral part to a successful local SEO campaign. Throughout the life of any campaign we constantly work to find and obtain new citations for your local SEO presence. Whether it’s utilizing local SEO tools from Moz or signing up for Yext, you can rest assured that we are on top of it.

What is link building outreach?

Link building outreach entails networking with website owners, bloggers, and authoritative sources to create opportunities for high-quality backlinks. Whether it’s through an interview or a press release, we are always on the hunt for opportunities to promote your site online. One quality link is better than 100 low quality links.

What is a keyword ranking report?

Our reports show you where you were ranking when you first started with our team and where you are today. You can choose any timeline or dates to analyze, including device and location driven reporting. We want to know where you are ranking on mobile and desktop separately for the same keyword in whatever city your business resides.

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