Legal SEO:

Every successful law firm marketing & SEO strategy begins with a website audit. This is the best way to determine the “health” and performance of your web pages and to identify anything that might need to be changed or improved.

While running our in-depth website audits, we might be able to spot content gaps, poor backlinks or usability, and problematic bounce rates. Armed with these new insights, we then go on to address your specific weaknesses and put together a plan of action to fix them. This might involve generating new content that’s fully optimized and promoted, optimizing existing content, creating new backlinks and citations, optimizing metadata, improving the user experience, and much more.

Have you ever heard of “black hat” SEO techniques? These refer to practices such as content automation and link farms that are used by many agencies and SEO “experts.” And while these practices often yield quick and good results, they also tend to generate rank penalties that are difficult to reverse.

At Inbound, we are proud of never being penalized in nearly 15 years of business. None of our clients has been penalized due to low-quality attorney advertising strategies, and you can expect exactly the same.

Hiring just a random attorney SEO won’t cut it, especially if you’re in it for the long haul. This is why Inbound makes the extra effort to truly commit to your business and its goals through constant and consistent collaboration, interaction, and knowledge sharing between us and your team.

You want to know whether your legal SEO campaign is working, right? Well, you can count on us to send you regular reports and give important feedback to you. We can also customize these reports so that you can be sure that they include all the information that you need and expect to see.

We are attorney marketing SEO experts, and understand the legal industry. Did we mention that legal marketing is exactly how we started back in 2005? We know your industry like the back of our hand, and we understand the challenges, goals, and plans of law firm’s just like yours. If you choose Inbound, you choose a real advertising partner that truly gets it.

Step 1: Schedule Your Free Consultation
Ready to get started? We are excited to offer you a free, 15-minute consultation on the phone with one of our legal SEO gurus. This will include a free website audit and a custom estimate for your project.

Step 2: Design Your SEO Strategy
Once we have identified your challenges and established your goals and requirements, we will move ahead with drawing up a specific SEO strategy that can address those challenges and fulfill those goals and requirements.

Step 3: Start Seeing Impressive Results
It’s showtime! Now that your legal SEO strategy is all set up, you should be seeing some first, great results very soon. You can expect higher website traffic, better bounceback rates, and an increased number of leads and conversions.

Improve Your Rankings, Reach Out to More Clients, Boost Your Success

Are you ready to supercharge your law practice with our bespoke legal SEO services? Start today; see results tomorrow.

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