The Biggest Marketing Changes on the Rise in 2021 and Beyond


The business world has changed drastically during the past few years and much of this has been attributed to the rapid pace of technological advances. In the past, people used to turn to radio or TV commercials to learn about new products and services. TV Ads used to be how you reached a large audience. Today the internet is where the majority of your customers are. This is where businesses are targeting potential customers.

The internet has grown massively over the past few years and it looks nothing like it did ten years ago. As a result, digital marketing has been changing as well. There are a few major marketing shifts that are taking place in 2020 that will dictate marketing strategies for years to come.

The Idea of Click Segmentation in the World of Email Marketing, SEO, Paid Search and Social.

There has been an increase in the identification and targeting of specific segments within the market. One of these tactics is called Click segmentation, which is taking place in the world of email marketing.  The main tactic is by segmenting out email lists based on what people click on. They use the users behavior and identify which stage of the “ready to buy” sales cycle they fall into. For example, a business might segment a user based on what link they clicked on in an email or the website. Where someone clicks shows their interest, but this has to be thought out and implemented in a manner that gives you the data you are looking for.

If you are regularly email marketing, check out constant contacts blog on how to implement click segmentation. 

Humanizing Businesses Through the Power of Video

Another major digital marketing trend is the idea of humanizing or personalizing businesses. Companies are discovering that videos are a very effective way to deliver messages and reach customers on a person to person leve.. This is easier today than ever now that everyone is on youtube or facebook and other social platforms.

Anyone can create a social media profile and this includes businesses. Therefore, in addition to posting videos on the company website, businesses are able to share videos instantly through social media using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and more. This is a way for businesses to humanize what they do, engendering a sense of sympathy among their followers, driving brand loyalty, and increasing the power of digital marketing.

In 2021 we have seen a massive increase in social justice reform, fighting for the minority and person. Society is headed in a different direction than it was 10 years ago and a lot of this has to do with the fact that everyone is able to have a voice now. Think about all the viral videos and online fundraising going on. Companies are leveraging this through video and trying to reach their customers on a person to person level. Expect this to increase and become more advanced for years to come.

Top online video qualities for consumers' decision-makingThe Rapid Growth of Live Streaming

Even in the focused world of video streaming, youtube channels and personalities, there are major changes taking place. This includes the growth of live streaming. More and more people are going to youtube and skipping out on TV or radio. Marketers are taking note and looking for ways to live stream campaigns, events, and other promotional ideas that can be brought into video marketing. This is entertaining and interactive content that will be able to cut through the clutter.  This is a powerful tool for communicating short, impactful messages that will impact a company’s bottom line.

Remarketing/Retargeting Campaigns.

SEO and Paid Search has been around for quite some time now. A few years ago Remarketing campaigns were introduced to the world. Facebook, and Google are the two major platforms where businesses use these campaigns. This marketing tactic is actually really simple, it uses cookies to follow users around on the web. If someone clicks on a link, they are added to a list and now you can tell Google or Adroll to follow this user around the internet with Ads that promote your product. You can also segment these users based on which pages they visited on your website or what ads they clicked.


Here are a few stats showing how marketers are using remarketing campaigns

  • Retargeting reduced cart abandonment for e-commerce shops by 6.5%
  • 68% of marketing teams are managing a remarketing campaign.
  • 33% of marketers use retargeting to earn new business.
  • Almost 50% of targeted customers are not concerned about being retargeted.

The Biggest Digital Marketing Trends Dictating the Future

These are a few of the major digital marketing trends we have noticed and suggest to our clients. What happens in the world of digital marketing in 2021 is obvious and businesses should take digital marketing seriously if they want to grow and stay in tune with customers. Some of these tactics will work well for some businesses and other tactics might work better for others. Make sure you speak to the experts, don’t waste your time or money. For example , if you are a plumber, don’t waste your money on retargeting your customers. By the time they see your ads, they have already called a plumber to fix their problem.

Get in touch today and consult Waqid Janjua, an experienced search engine marketing expert . Waqid and his team can help you choose the right tactics for your business or fix a campaign that is not working for you. We offer these consultations for free, and we never sales pitch. 



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