Smart Strategies For Successful Link Building In 2020


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Link building is an important part of a successful SEO plan, essential for ranking high on internet search results. Effective link building mimics many of the commonsense rules of human interaction. Of course, you have to please Google to boost your SEO. And some things that seem simple — link building certainly falls into this category — aren’t always easy. Keep in mind that since it is Google’s job to provide users with the best possible internet search results, the search engine is always refining the way it operates, and therefore, the rules of link building are always in flux.

What Is Link Building?

From Google’s point of view and what stands to reason, the more high-quality landing pages that connect to your online page, the more likely it is that your content is valuable and relevant to the average user — and therefore the higher your page should be ranked in an online search. To become more connected on the web, increase the SEO of your website or other online content, and generate potential sales, you need to acquire links from high-quality pages. This process of acquiring links is known as link building.

For link building to be effective, it needs to be done the right way. Here are three tips for successful link building in 2020:

Create Content That Is Useful

Google’s algorithm ranks links and looks for spam, and therefore purchased or sponsored links won’t help you with SEO. Any practice that comes across as unnatural, such as keyword stuffing, is also best avoided, and any strategy that involves link baiting is on a decline. A link needs to serve a useful purpose. Therefore, a good starting point is to create content that offers helpful information that solves users’ problems.

Reach Out To People

Yes, you can ask for a website owner to link to your site. Consider it networking (although some refer to it as link begging), but it can work. If someone sees value in linking their page to yours, they may be willing to provide the link. The key, again, is to create useful content. It’s important to focus on what users will find valuable, to know your audience, and to avoid strategies that rely on manipulating search engine results.

Follow Correct Link Building Methods

For link building to send traffic to your site and generate sales, you need to follow correct link building methods (such as putting a keyword in the hyperlinked text and using appropriate text for the hyperlink) so that the Google crawler can find your page. For example, it is important to use long keywords because this helps Google properly understand the link, put it in context, and therefore know which users would likely find it to be of value.

By following these tips, you can be well on your way to successfully improving your SEO and increasing your exposure on the web, which can lead to more traffic to your landing page (and potential sales) in 2020.


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