SEO Predictions for 2020

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Search engine optimization is one of those things that is constantly changing. But given that it’s a vital component to any digital marketing strategy, keeping up to date with these changes should be a top priority. But while it’s important to stay knowledgeable about the current trends surrounding search engine optimization, a good way to beat out the competition is to gain insights on what’s coming next.

Screen Less Search

While this trend isn’t anything new, we expect to see even more people using voice search in the year 2020. In fact, according to Garter & ComScore, 30%-50% of our internet searches will be made via voice search over the next four years. Screenless search does provide many benefits for the user and is very convenient, but this does make search engine optimization a little more difficult.

Content is Still King

While many internet marketers know content is king—well that king is getting even stronger in 2020. Google gets more sophisticated by the day, and its algorithm is getting smarter and more relevant to the user every second. That being said, Google is doing a better job of recognizing solid content and rewarding those pages in Google search results. Expect to see more user-relevant content at the top of Google search results in 2020.


Solid reviews have always made internet users choose one company over another, but these reviews will have a greater effect on search engine optimization in 2020. Expect to see businesses with high-rated reviews at the top of search results—which proves that these companies are providing relevant, useful products or services for the customer. That being said, be sure to have avenues where customers can enter reviews, then provide impeccable service that speaks for itself.

Video Content

Research shows that video content is more important than ever. That being said, 2020 should be a year where the importance of video content grows even more. As internet users gravitate more towards pages with engaging videos, Google will reward you and place you higher and higher in search results. So, as you’re developing your SEO strategy, try to incorporate professional, engaging videos to boost your digital marketing efforts.

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