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Those who have experience with digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) have likely explored Google Analytics reports at some point in the past. These reports are important because they provide a wealth of information with the click of a button. These reports are enticing because everyone knows the answer is in there somewhere. It is just a matter of finding it. On the other hand, these reports are also frustrating because it is easy to focus on tiny details and end up going down a rabbit hole. As marketing professionals, time is valuable and there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to sort through everything in a Google Analytics report. Fortunately, there are a few Google Analytics reports that are more valuable than the rest.

The In-Market Segments Report

This is one of the most important reports that Google Analytics will provide. Recently, there was an update to Google’s match types. Therefore, close variations on target keywords have become more important to digital marketing campaigns this year. Therefore, targeted keywords are being managed more loosely than they have before. As a result, it is critical or marketers to understand how target audiences behave. This is where the In-Market Segments report is critical. This is located under the audience option in the menu, followed by interests, and then In-Market Segments.

This report is important because it shows the market segments of users who have visited the target website and made a purchase. This report can help marketers create new campaigns that target these users and layer these audiences into a specific PPC campaign. This report is valuable.

The Site Search Report

Next, the Site Search Report is also valuable for Google Analytics users today. This report will help marketers understand how users are searching for products and services on a given website. Therefore, based on the search entries of these users, companies can adjust their website design and their marketing strategy to target the keywords used in these search entries. Furthermore, this report can also show if there is a growing demand for a targeted product. This report can help a business expand its product assortment to meet the needs of potential customers.

The Referrals Report

Without a doubt, this is one of the most underrated reports in Google Analytics. This report shows the top websites that have sent traffic to a given website. It will also let marketers and businesses know if that referral traffic ended up making a purchase. Using this report, businesses can understand how customers are locating their brands. Marketers can use this report to create a list of top referral websites that can be valuable for a PPC campaign.

Using Google Analytics Reports Wisely

There is a lot of information provided by Google Analytics reports. It is important for businesses to know how to parse these reports to find valuable information that can be used to improve marketing strategies. These reports are going to be central to digital marketing campaigns in 2020 and beyond.

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