Web Development Evolving in 2020



2020 marks not only a new year but a new decade as well. This has many people who work in the world of development taking a pause and thinking about how much the world has truly changed during the past 20 years. Web design and technology seem to be evolving at a quickening pace, which means that the needs of consumers are evolving quickly as well. Web developers need to be able to adapt their styles quickly in order to keep up. Ten years ago, mobile web platforms barely existed. Now, platforms are expected to work well on all platforms. There are a few major ways that web development is going to change in 2020 and beyond.

The Growth of Color Contrasts

There is a dark mode feature that is present on numerous apps and mobile devices. Now, consumers are starting to choose this feature more often. This is a great way for people to protect their eyes, particularly when the brightness of the screen contrasts an environment that doesn’t have a lot of light. It also has a simple, clean appeal that is attractive to many users. Furthermore, a dark background makes the bright call-to-action buttons stand out more. This could help marketers increase their conversion rates, as their graphics are going to stick out against a dark background.

The Popularity of Hand-Drawn Graphics

There is also a push for more graphics that have been drawn by hand. As consumers are looking for more authenticity, this approach is gaining traction. Old-fashioned graphics are coming back with a modern twist. This includes hand-drawn letters, static cartoons, and more. Website design is bringing back these elements, which are creating a positive, warm atmosphere for visitors of the site. These graphics are becoming important because they provide visitors with the knowledge that there are humans behind the website carrying out the work. This is something that is largely missing in today’s world. No matter how far technology advances, there is always something to be said for the human element.

More White Space Frame

In 2020, minimalism is going to be popular. This is seen both in interior design as well as web design. Therefore, web developers need to think about how to apply minimalism in the world of web design as well. Designers need to think about centering content with white space surrounding it. This is one of the top ways that web designers can ensure that visitors focus on the product or service that is being provided instead of being overwhelmed by a busy page. Use white frames and spaces to provide a sense of balance for visitors who are taking a look at the website. This is also a great way to emphasize what truly matters.

These are a few of the top trends that are going to play a role in the world of web design in 2020. These shifts are going to impact lead generation and conversion rates for marketing teams moving forward.

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