Web Analytics Predictions for 2020


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As the calendar rolls over to not only a new year but also a new decade, people are reflecting on the past and trying to predict what the future holds. This is just as true for web analytics as it is for any other industry. With hundreds of millions of people in the United States alone having access to the internet, and all of its data, at their fingertips, there have been tremendous changes in web analytics over the past few years. Look at these trends, it is possible to make predictions on what the future holds. In 2020, there are a few possibilities that everyone should be prepared for.

There Will Be a Trend Toward Less Data

Up until a few short years ago, more data was seen as better. The more data someone had, the better they felt they understood their target population, the way they thought, and what they wanted; however, over the past few years, the trend has been in the opposite direction. In any industry, being data-driven (and, by consequence, evidence-driven), has been seen as a necessity. This has led to the growth of the analytics industry itself. At the same time, collecting as much data as possible is no longer enough. People are tired of the endless reports that they do not know what to do with. There is too much data to pore through in a useful manner. In 2020, the trend is going to be toward simplified products, simplified data reports, and actionable trends.

A Focus on the Full Customer Experience

Another shift in the world of analytics has been a focus on the customer experience. In the past, the customer experience was seen as fragmented and companies were only focused on the results. Now, analytics has shown us that the entire customer experience matters. Simple customer surveys, collections of data on social media, and the growth of analytics has shown us that the entire journey of the customer matters from start to finish. This includes where the visitor came from, how they got to their destination, and what they expect as a result. Instead of having one “magic” touchpoint that leads to the final result, the focus is going to be on the entirety of the customer’s experience from start to finish. Therefore, analytics is going to have to take advantage of tools to track it. Understanding the customer experience will help companies figure out why their results are the way they are.

The Growth of APIs and 3rd Party Tools

Nearly everything about the technology arena is becoming more complex. Website visitors have more points of interaction with websites and products than ever before. This has led to the growth of their expectations as well. Using 3rdparty tools and marketing automation is going to play a critical role in monitoring every part of a customer’s journey to get a better understanding of how to cater to their needs. The growth of analytics tools, in terms of APIs and 3rdparty tools, are going to be integrated like never before.


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