Tips to Getting Hits on Your Website and How to Convert!


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Generating traffic to our websites is one thing. Converting the visitors into customers is another. According to Google, consumer behavior is very important to understand before we can move forward with marketing strategies. Thanks to the internet and mobile devices consumers expect easy to get and instant gratification. If a website isn’t easy to navigate or have the information they expect at a click’s notice, they’ll leave and look for the information somewhere else. This generation of consumers are very difficult to please and many of them don’t even realize it. It’s up to us to keep ahead of the trends and give them exactly what they want. We have to get to know our customer before we can sell to them. Consumers are curious, demanding and impatient. Once we understand how to give them an instant, user-friendly seamless experience, we can engage them as our customers. Here are some helpful tips to improving your website and how to convert!

The Need For Speed

73 percent of mobile users say that they’ve experienced a website that loaded too slow. How fast your website loads is very important to consumers. Remember, they are impatient and value their time. Google states that if a website take longer than five seconds to load it can not only frustrate the user, but negatively affect your search engine rankings. And, 40 percent of visitors will leave your website if it takes more than three seconds to load! Google has a tool to assist you to analyze and improve your loading times.

Easy To Navigate

Your homepage and landing pages should clearly state using headlines why customers should do business with you. Keep your website structure simple so visitors can quickly and easily go from page to page and locate a product or service from any page they’re on. Keeping them focused will help them make quicker buying decisions.

Crystal Clear Call To Action

Your website’s call to action (CTA) assists customers in navigating your website. Strong and clear call to action statements give customers a way to move from page to page and learn more about your product resulting in a purchase. CTA’s can send visitors to a blog for more information, send them to another product page for comparison or to download an infographic or video, so they can learn more.

Strong Headlines

A headline can make or break your website conversion rate. Create clear headlines that offer unique value propositions and address your customer’s pain points. Strong, clear headlines with a call to action tells the customer what they are going to get and are more effective than those that don’t.

Testing and analyzing results from your website design will guide you in what successfully converts your customers. You should analyze the results every time you make a change that could affect conversions.


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