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When you’re trying to boost your online visibility and grow your business, you should always consider utilizing search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, or SEO, involves placing certain keywords into a site to boost its rankings on Google search. There are many other tactics involved in the SEO process, but adding keywords is one of the most important steps. However, Google uses many different factors and uses a complex (and discreet) algorithm to decide who to place on what position in Google search. And to make things even more difficult to understand, this algorithm changes quite frequently—sometimes on a day-by-day basis. Therefore, it’s very hard to keep up with what Google is thinking about SEO. In this post, we’ll discuss a few new SEO trends to keep in mind for 2019. Jot down this information to have an upper hand on your competition.

Focus on Mobile

In the last year or so, Google decided to roll-out its mobile-first indexing update. This means that Google uses the mobile version of your website to establish the ranking. That being said, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then you should make that a top priority on your to-do list. Google is all about staying relevant to the user, so if studies show that people are spending more time browsing through sites on their smartphone, then Google wants to show them the sites that work for their needs. So, whether you have an existing site or you’re starting one from scratch, be sure that it’s mobile-friendly.

Get Speedy

Another trend to take note of is your site speed. Google is getting very serious about ranking speedier sites, which leaves slower sites in the dust. While site speed has always been a ranking factor for Google, they’ve really started rewarding those sites that are extremely fast. If your site is moving at snail’s pace, then you best get to work on your site’s responsiveness. Luckily, there are multiple resources for finding out how responsive your site really is. Google has a resource called PageSpeed Insights, where you’re able to check site speed and see where things should improve. Another source is called GTmetrix, and they also provide a free tool where you can analyze and work to improve site speed.

Content is Always King

If a primary focus on your website isn’t great content, then your other SEO efforts might be pointless. An SEO plan means nothing without amazing content, and your website won’t rank well if you have terrible site pages with terrible content. And a recent update from Google shows that they are really intensifying their focus on quality content. While that means you should include important keywords, you’ll also want to include them naturally while having relatable, engaging, and beautifully written content.

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