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How to Get Your Photos on the New Google Maps

Panoramio New Google Maps

The new Google Maps uses Panoramio to add photos to locations around the globe, integrating Google Earth data and many other new features.  Are you curious how these pictures end up on the most used map resource on the internet? The process is actually quite user-friendly and simple. Though there is no actual guarantee a photo will be approved for Google maps, this new and exciting opportunity for exposure and online mentions is well worth the effort. Any business engaging in local search marketing campaigns should capitalize on the new opportunities to feature images with Panoramio on the new Google maps platform.

Publishing Pictures with Panoramio

Signing up is simple for Google fanatics and newbies alike. Those with Google accounts can immediately log in and start posting photos, while those without accounts can simply make one anew. You’ll notice the ability to “map” your photos, along with the conventional options to add description and tags.

If you choose to map your photo, upon upload completion, your photo will be given an ID number. This number indicates the order in which your photo will be reviewed. Each photo will be carefully reviewed in terms of appropriateness for Google Maps and Google Earth.

Photos Unsuitable for Panoramio

  • Portraits of People, or Photos of people posing
  • Car, Plane, or any Machine
  • Pet or Animal
  • Flowers and details of plants
  • Close-ups, details, inscriptions, or signs
  • Aerial photos similar to satellite images from Google Maps
  • Interiors; anything under a roof
  • Representations, such as paintings, logos, digital images, collages and so on.

WARNING:** Large logos, advertisements, or low quality images will not be accepted.**

Due to the high number of photos Panoramio receives, there might be quite a delay between your photo’s upload date, and date of approval. Patience is key.

If your photo is approved, a small Panoramio symbol will appear on the photo which you will be able to see from your personal page. Clicking on the photo will give you further information on whether or not it was accepted for Google Earth and Maps. Where the ID number once was will read “Selected for Google Earth”.

If your photo is not selected the first time around, don’t worry.  You can resubmit photos that were not selected for Google Earth.

Panoramio Photo Uploads for Businesses

The ability to add photos from locations can be as enticing to business owners as it is for photographers. Each photo will link the author’s profile, allowing for valuable links for business owners wanting to increase their search rankings and online visibility. Users can access a Panoramio profile straight from the photo on Google maps via a profile anchor text link; fantastic exposure and referral potential!

Businesses can create and upload photos from Panoramio to their Google+ business account including gifs created from the auto awesomeness feature in Google+ photos, photosphere 360-degree images with zoom features, and much more.

Each photo is also highly shareable on sites like Twitter, and with options to give each picture a location, there are many ways that Panoramio can be used to help give a business a little extra boost. Check out our other guides for local Google marketing to get your business found online.

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