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I recently came across a client that was starting a business and needed a website. As an Internet Marketer, I explained to him that his website can generate new business and we can do that for him. I went on to explain (thoroughly) what PPC & SEO services entail. We agreed to do both, but first we needed to build a strong foundation for his online advertising initiatives. I was given a 30 day deadline and decided to take him up on his offer.

7 days into the project (skipping all the details) the client called me and cancelled the project. He had hired a Harvard graduate with a degree in Ecommerce to do his website. If you go to Harvard, you are surely a smart person, no argument there.  This graduate decided to build a website for this client and completed the website in one day! Bam, thats awesome right? Not awesome. I went to the website and it looked as though it was one of the first websites ever built back in the 80’s.  Furthermore, they decided to target keywords in the range of $10-$30 per click. Couple of massive problems.

The website was not professionally built, it did not clearly state what the business did, visually or textually. Furthermore, industry keywords were not used to attract the users attention. Lastly, it was a one page website with simple phrases placed in random order on the site.

When you are building a new website for your business you have to understand a couple of things. Your website represents your business online.  Ask your self  “would I send a sales person dressed in tennis shoes, frizzy hair, ripped t-shirt to a potential clients office?” Or  “would I pay this sales person to sell for me?”. I hope your answer is no.

When you hire a PPC or SEO professional, their job is to bring pre-qualified buyers to your website. The website needs to be clear and concise so the user can visually and textually see that your internet marketing & website will provide them with the product or service they are looking for.  If the website is not clear or professional, you will loose a majority of your potential clients.

This is where Search Marketing experience comes into play. An experienced Search Marketer looks at a website differently than a designer. They look at the usability of a website, such as placement of phone numbers, typography usage,  clear menu system, request a quote buttons/add to cart buttons, and many other features that make a website successful.  Why do they look at websites in this manner? Simply put, their goal is to make you money, if a user cannot easily get in touch with your company,  or easily make a purchase, you are not going to make a sale!

When you hire a web design company, make sure they have real experience working with Internet Marketing, better yet, hire an Internet Marketing company to build your website.  Why? They know what features a website needs in order to successfully run a Pay Per Click or SEO campaign.

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