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2xx Status Code

This is an http status code that means the browser request was

3xx Status Code

A 3xx status code or redirection indicates that further action is needed to fulfill the request. In the case of a 301 or permanent redirection, the browser will complete the redirection without any additional input from the

4xx Status Code

Status codes from 400 to 499 indicate a client or browser error. Users may encounter these codes when they mistype the URL, resulting in a “400 Bad Request” or “404 Not Found.” These status codes require

5xx Status Code

Status codes from 500-599 indicate a server error. Users usually encounter these responses when a server is offline (503 Service unavailable) or the request took to long (504 Gateway

Advanced Search Operators

Advanced search operators are specific characters or commands users can add to their search query to further refine their results. Using quotations around terms a user wants to match exactly as well as “OR” between

Black Hat SEO

SEO techniques that violate the quality guidelines of search engines. These techniques include using link farms, keyword stuffing, content automation, and

Bounce Rate

A bounce is a sing-page session on your website, according to Google. When a user visits a single page on your site and exits without viewing any other pages, images, or documents, that is a bounce. High bounce rates


SEO citations are web references to a business. Citations usually include a business name, website, phone number, and physical address. Citation listings include Google My Business, Bing, Facebook, Yelp, and


Cloaking is a black hat SEO strategy that involves presenting content to human users that differs from the content presented to search engine

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