Take the Guesswork Out of Search Marketing

At Clicked Solutions we believe every online marketing decision should be based upon facts, not guesswork.

With so much at stake—your marketing budget and your company’s success—doesn’t it just make sense to track everything so you can make informed decisions that are in your company’s best interest? Of course it does. Let us give you the data you need to succeed.

Tracking & Analytics: Unleash the Power of Data

At Clicked Solutions, we believe every online marketing decision should be based upon facts, not guesswork. That’s why we use advanced tracking and website analytics tools to monitor every facet of your internet marketing campaign.

Furthermore, our tracking and analytics makes it easier than ever before for you to hold us, your marketing company, accountable. You can see where your marketing spend is going and easily measure your ROI With this immense collection of data, we can clearly see which marketing tactics are working and which need to be adjusted to maximize your results.

How Tracking & Analytics Works

So, what kind of data do we gather, and where do we get it from?  We use a range of cutting-edge analytics tools to give us the most accurate assessment of your campaign’s performance.
Tracking and analytics includes:

  • Google Analytics— Our Google Analytics services clearly show how users arrive at your website and how they interact with it once onsite. With this information, we can make the right adjustments to boost your conversion rate and drive your ROI to its limit.
  • Call Tracking— We create unique phone numbers for your ads and landing pages and use advanced software, so that we can accurately track how many phone call leads are being produced from your internet marketing campaign. This allows us to optimize your advertising spend and route your leads more effectively.
  • Email Tracking— Let us setup accurate email tracking so you can easily measure and manage your leads in real-time.

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