Online Accounting for Small Business Owners – No More Quick Books


Out with Quick Books, in with Fresh Books!

All you need is your Browser, email address and a small budget. As small business owners, we are so used to hearing the word Quick Books when it comes to Small Business accounting. The majority of us have tried it and could not wrap our heads around it! Quick Books is horridly complicated and we wanted something that was more intuitive, efficient and easy to use without any training. We also needed a client login area that was professional and easy to use.  Lastly and most importantly, we needed something that would integrate easily with our business services & products. After testing multiple online accounting packages, we fell in love with Fresh Books.9JPGQZE9QB7M

Freshbooks Review

What is FreshBooks Accounting?

FreshBooks is an online invoicing and time tracking service that can handle all types of small businesses: Residual Income, Fixed Income, Comission Income, Hourly Billing and Estimate Creation.

FreshBooks has a clean and easy to use interface with features that every small business or freelancer needs without the excess features many accounting packages offer. You can automate your invoices, track expenses, create profit/loss statements and get paid via major payment gateways. Also, you can brand everything, from login to invoices. Something that really stuck out to was the ability to send snail mail invoices online.  All you have to do is create an invoice and click “send by mail” and Freshbooks does the rest.

If you are currently stuck using Quick Books, Freshbooks has a Quick Books client import feature that is easy to use.

Where can Freshbooks improve?

We have not found any missing features or glitches.  If you do run into any issues they have a direct number and included is a community section where you can discuss your questions with other Freshbooks users. From our experience they seem very receptive to feedback and their focus is on providing excellent customer service.

Pricing Packages (Sign up Here)

  • Free accounts are available for up to 3 clients
  • $19.00 for 25 clients
  • $29.00 for 100 clients
  • $39.00 for 500 clients


  • Automate Invoicing & Collections
  • Collect Online Payments – Paypal,, Verisign, 2CO
  • Invoice Clients in any currency
  • Online Client Center – View and Pay Invoices
  • Invoicing – Based on Time, Expenses, Fixed Costs and more…
  • Send Snail Mail Invoices Automatically
  • Late Payment Reminders
  • Time Tracking
  • Estimates
  • Expenses
  • Clients & Staff
  • Contractors
  • Branding
  • Reports- Profit Loss Balance Sheets / Tax Details

You don’t have to take our word for it. Setup a free account and give it a test run.

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