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Pinterest has grown enormously in the last year, with millions of avid users pinning products, pictures, and other things they like on a daily basis.  Pinterest is one of the best free ways to increase traffic on your e-commerce site.  Internet Marketing and SEO companies can do a lot of helpful things to promote your site and increase your traffic. But there are a few simple ways that YOU can make your products go viral on Pinterest, creating organic traffic that search engines love while simultaneously earning you big bucks.

Adding a Pin Button

Along with Facebook likes and Google +, adding a “Pin it” button to your site is easy and rewarding.  You can find the pin it button here. While Placing a “Pin It” button on your site’s homepage is definitely helpful, placing the button on individual and categorized product pages is equally, if not more important.

The “Pin It” button can be placed on aesthetically pleasing collections or trendy items that users will be most likely to share.  Choosing the right items to put “Pin It” buttons is crucial, as well as the information you have on that particular page.

Add a Price to all Pages with “Pin It” Button

Your products or new collections could be gorgeous, and get a lot of pins and traffic.  However, if nobody knows that the items are for sale and for what price they will not purchase them.  It is absolutely imperative that you post a clear price next to the items that are for sale.  This way when people come across the item or pin, they know that it is for sale, where it is for sale, and for what price.

Create a Separate Pinterest Account for your Business

In the beginning, you may have started to pin items from your business on your personal account. However, it is very important that you keep these two accounts separate because your personal interests can interfere with your business interests on Pinterest.

Use Lots of Picture

Pinterest is an interactive site, with most pins containing detailed images.  People like to pin and repin items that are visually appealing or entertaining. This is why it is so important to have a variety of clear pictures for your products.  Posting clear pictures at various distances and angles not only give potential buyers a clear idea of what they are looking at, they instill confidence in the quality and accuracy of the product’s depiction.

Keep on Pinning

Pinterest is a fun social tool that businesses can utilize to build serious organic traffic to their sites.  Just make sure that you post a lot of interesting pictures with clear descriptions, prices, and “Pin It” buttons.  Happy pinning!]]>

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