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Why am I writing this? A website is an investment and its surprising how many business owners do not understand the benefits of letting a Web Design Company build their website.

Thinking about letting your family member or friend build your website? Think again. Unless this person has any website marketing experience, you are wasting your time. Here are a few questions to ask your self.

  • Is my website going to fill the shoe of a 24/7 sales person?
  • What will be the purpose of my website? (Sell products, Informational, Request a Quote online)
  • Is the website going to be marketed for business growth? (Website Marketing)

Let me give you one scenario we just ran across. A roofing company here in Houston just opened shop a few months ago. They do not have many references and the majority of their sales are door to door. When they receive a potential lead or appointment, they need to create a trust relationship with the homeowner. Let’s say you have a business card with all of the general information like company, name, phone, email, website.

As a homeowner, would you just take the person for face value and trust they are good at what they do. Certified, professional and experts in their industry? Or, are you going to go straight to your computer and open up a search engine (google, bing, yahoo, ask) and type in their company name?

Think about this before reading on. Put your self in the homeowners shoes. What do you want to see on the companies website? What will make you feel comfortable with this decision?

  • They go straight to your website and see a professionally created website with all of the pertinent information they were looking for. Phone numbers, certifications, links to the BBB or other authoritative websites, rich content and contact information including locations. An impression has been made, the homeowner probably feels comfortable with their decision.
  • The homeowner finds your website. The website is not aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The content is very thin and there is not much about your company. Maybe its a two page website. They do not see any type of authoritative logo’s links or information. An impression has been made, if the homeowner is any bit intelligent, they are probably going to be iffy about your services and whether or not you will do the job correctly. They might even cancel or call you. Have fun trying to convince the client otherwise.

After all it is a decision making process. No matter what you are selling.

Re-think your investment, yes your website is an investment. Think about all of the potential clients who will look at your website and how they will perceive your company. Take a look at your competition, you will be compared!

Hopefully you realize the benefits of choosing a professional houston web design company or designer to build your business website. Now you have to ask your self, how do I choose the right web design company and how much is too much!

Don’t worry, we are going to write another post in a couple of days and it will do just that! Help you identify the good from the bad.

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