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No Penguin or Panda Penalties Here

 The Panda update rolled out in April of last year, while the Penguin update is much more recent.

Neither update to Google’s website ranking algorithm caused a drop in any of our clients’ rankings.  This is because we do not employ shady black hat SEO practices that would attract the attention of the search engine giant’s algorithm.

Will Your Website be Penalized?

Google has unveiled numerous Penguin and Panda updates over the last couple of years.  This is important to you and your business’s website because a penalization or ban from Google’s ranking algorithm can kill your website.  Though most are familiar with the earlier Panda updates that penalized websites that scraped content and over optimized, the newer Penguin updates seem to be affecting search engine result pages just as aggressively as the better known Panda updates.

What Is The Penguin Update?

The Penguin updates are simply recent and numerous updates to the original Panda update.  Announced formally by Google in April of 2012, the Penguin updates aim to eradicate black hat SEO techniques like key word stuffing, scraping content, cloaking, and using link farms.

Who is Affected by the Penguin Update?

About three percent of all websites in the western hemisphere have been affected by Google’s Penguin Update.  Many of them were penalized because they used excessive linking strategies from little known sites, used cloaking, or engaged in word stuffing.  Sadly, many of the websites penalized will affect only the small business owner who the site belongs to. There is no SEO task force to monitor black hat SEO companies who destroy small businesses Internet marketing campaigns.

How to Avoid Getting Penalized

Do not ever use a company that openly admits buying links, selling links, or that promises first page results.  Only use Internet Marketing or SEO companies that are reputable and that advertise ethical, white hat SEO techniques.  Anyone can take a few hundred dollars and spam your site by submitting your website to thousands of directories.  The problem with this is that the only party that will suffer from your website’s penalization is your company. Google will figure out what they are up to and penalize you, the small business owner.  Please do your homework, and choose an Internet marketing company carefully.

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