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So, I needed a root canal and I decided to use Google to find an Endodontist in houston. My goal was to find someone close to my home with affordable pricing. Since I have no Insurance, I decided to call a few places before making my decision. Looking back I noticed a few things that I wanted to share with everyone.

Yes! I looked at the Pay Per Click ads! Because I know businesses are actively promoting sales, coupons and discounts there. To my surprise, only a handful of advertisers were actually having the word Endodontist in their ad. More than half of the ads were “let me help you find one” type of service. Only a couple had the street address or location under their text and even fewer had the phone number in their ad text.

If you are a business owner and advertising via Pay Per Click, then do a quick audit of your campaign.

1. Are you showing the searched keywords in your ad text? Try this {KeyWord:Houston Endodontist}
2. Do you have a local phone number that can be displayed within the ad text. A local area code is more promising than a 1800 number.
3. Is your address or city/state being shown at the bottom of every PPC Ad?
4. Are you using negative keywords or continually adding to the list? For instance, most dentists refer a serious root canal out to an endodontist, and receiving calls asking for an endodontist is a waste of time and money. So instead of your ad showing every time someone types in endodontist, you can save money and time by adding endodontist (and other deriviatives) as your negative keyword.

If you need a quick audit and dont have the time, give us a call!

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