Facebook Marketing for Lawyers


I began using Facebook a few years back, quite hesitantly I must admit. I was at first a little bewildered by the privacy settings and worried whether I had everything set up properly. The more I used my personal Facebook account the more I grew to understand and appreciate it.

With Facebook users now surpassing 900 million, it is absolutely imperative that businesses utilize this free marketing tool. Many law firms shy away from using Facebook because of their inexperience with it, anxiety regarding legal advertising laws, and because they don’t understand the rules or settings of a Facebook fan page.

When setting up a Facebook account for your law firm, it is essential that you set up a fan page rather than a personal profile page. Why? First, it is against Facebook rules to set up a business account under a profile page.  Second, a Facebook fan page can work miracles as part of your SEO campaign strategy.

Facebook fan pages are indexed by search engines, increasing your site’s popularity and ability of new clients to find. Facebook profile pages are limited to a maximum of 5,000 fans, while facebook fan pages can have unlimited fans and likes.

Further, you can link an unlimited amount of fan pages to a personal profile.  There are many individuals with differing specialties, strengths, and certifications in each individual law firm.  This gives you the opportunity to keep in touch with clients and colleagues on your personal profile page, but also link all of the firm’s fan pages to the personal profile pages of employees. This is how the social network web multiplies. These links humanize your firm’s employees and satisfies clients’ curiosity about the actual people behind the firm name.

If your firm is large and has numerous locations, create different fan pages for each location or specialty.  Then you can promote each specialty, location, or branch individually and link back to your website and its pertinent sub-domains.

Think of your fan pages as a much less detailed version of your firm’s website.  Most firms have an “About Us” page that describes the history of the firm and each attorney in detail. On your Facebook fan page, simply write a brief description of your firm and its history. Then you can make updates and link special events, client testimonials, charity events that you sponsor or participate in, case victories, and press releases. Each time you do this, search engines will index the link and your site’s popularity will grow.

If your law firm is not on Facebook yet, it is time to take the leap (though not blindly).  Read up on the rules of Facebook fan pages extensively before setting up your account, as you don’t want your firm’s fan page launch to start at a disadvantage, nor do you want it to become a liability.  Also remember to assign a responsible party to your fan page that can monitor goings on, especially on the weekends when Facebook is busiest.  Once you have done your due diligence and are comfortable getting your feet wet, you can launch your fan page and enjoy the traffic that comes your way.  If need help with your firm’s online reputation or presence, Our Legal SEO Experts would be happy to discuss your opportunities.  Call or click for a free consultation and website analysis.

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